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WELCOME TO Marvel Grout

When the grout is sealed, your home looks like new, clean, fresh, and most importantly, it will stay that way and you will be able to avoid stains, fungus, drips, etc. More than 60% of our clients were considering changing their floors because they did not know that these unpleasant stains can be corrected and avoided.



grout cleaning

As a prerequisite for sealing, in each project a deep cleaning of the grout and tiles is carried out, with special machines for cleaning floors and grout. 

grout sealing

The sealing is carried out meticulously to prevent liquids and dirt seeping through the grout generating bad odor and that unpleasant dark appearance. 

grout coloring

The seal that is applied to the grout has the flexibility to adapt to the various colors of the tiles, either in contrast or simulating the color of the tile. 

grout restoration

The restoration of the grout is carried out when necessary, that is, when holes, cracks or liquid drips are found in other areas that affect their condition.